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Chopper Shirts - Chopper T-Shirts

Chopper shirts that ain't for wimps. That's what we're about here at Soiled Rags. This isn't some pretend BS, it's chopper life. The only way to live. Soiled Rags are for those of us who like to chop it up, rake it out, make it sketchy as can be. That's the chopper lifestyle. Ride choppers or F*CK OFF.

Quit buying dumb chopper t shirts from Etsy or Spreadshirt and support a real chopper shop. Just like your favorite custom chop, our shirts are uniquely designed with hand drawn artwork and handmade right here in the good ol’ USA. No West Coast Choppers WCC OG Cross, barb wire, skulls or tribal here. The best chopper shirts should put a little fear into the rest of the world, just like you do when you open that throttle. From the east coast to the west coast, ride to live and live to ride.

FREE Delivery and Shipping on all orders over $69.00 with orders shipping within 1-2 business days. That’s just 2 shirts, easy to do and because we’re honest people we have an easy return policy and offer returns or exchanges as needed if it don’t fit or just ain’t your shit but we are pretty confident you’ll love these cool motorcycle t-shirts and gear. Show your love for chopper culture and customer chopper motorcycles.

Buy American chopper t-shirts and tell the man to shove it. Ditch those mall fashion brand motorcycle t-shirts and pick up something that will get you laid. Our apparel is great for women and mens clothing. Real biker t-shirts with classic distressed black white vintage designs. We got the best deals on Men's Chopper T Shirts for sale. Ditch the hot leathers and pick up a chopper t-shirt that feels broken in from the day you put it on then get out there and ride your Harley Davidson American chopper. 

Choppers are custom motorcycles that have been around for nearly 70 years. For decades they have symbolized creativity and freedom in every sense of the word. From the radically modified steering angles, wild forks and crazy stretched front ends to the hardtail frames raked, deraked or anything in between. Toss on some custom bars, a sissy bar and a few other customizations and you’ve got yourself a nice little scoot. Vintage designs inspired by chopper life make Soiled Rags Chopper Shirts what they are.

Some of the most iconic choppers go back all the way to ‘69 and Easy Rider with the Captain America and Billy Bike builds seen in the film ridin by Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper. Our designs are inspired by iconic chopper moments throughout the years. Thank you to guys like Tom Fugle, Indian Larry and so many others who blazed the path for chopper culture for decades to come.